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never there :iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 4 3
e=mc2 is incomplete
love is so grand
and i'm so little
can i ever be enough
for all that grandness?
:iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 0 0
the things i do
I just wanted to be beautiful
but the things we do to be beautiful
makes us so horribly disfigured instead
:iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 0 0
we'll just fall
Let me fall,
just let me fall to
an uncertain fate
and show me the things
you never told anyone
tell me your fears and weaknesses
and i'll fall
show me your humanity
and i'll never let you go
if these chains of reality
would just break
i'd jump
without looking back
and i would be yours
no matter how many stars a black hole
swallows, it will never shine
my blind faith in love
is all i have
and now
maybe it'll be worth it
oh my darling sweetheart, you set my
dreams rolling, spinning
and as soon as i realize
this is happening
i'll be yours
and we will be so beautiful
:iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 0 0
he always makes my hemispheres switch places
Words that never are read are quite pointless, aren't they?
You think so loudly, but say nothing and he has a
piece of paper where he writes down the
days when
he doesn't think about you
there's two of them so far, but then he thought "hey, i haven't
thought abour her all day!", so those two days barely count,
look at the abyss of feelings in front of your
feet, what you will find down there
i can not tell you
maybe the space between your fingers would shatter
because she's not there to fill them
maybe she would yet again
when you're born in a way that can't be fixed
you're never enough. for anything.
just close your eyes and leap
leap because what you otherwise
will become is nothing more
but empty spaces between
your spriderleg-fingers
:iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 0 0
death is in love with us :iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 1 1
these hills wont stop us
i'll give you both space and time
i'll give you Cassiopeia A and RW Cephei
and in this spacetime-continuum
i promise you
you can have my spine
tear it out
use it as a cane to get up
these hills
i'll give you Andromeda and
every particle ever observed
even the quarks
as long as you promise
that i can have your femur
and use it as a cane
to get up these hills
let's get up these hills together,
darling oh darling
:iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 0 0
run away with me, darling
            when i read and write
            my head always tilts to the
i first wondered if my left hemisphere
was bigger
and h
but since i at 20 years age still
count on my fingers, i doubt it.
most likelt it's the opposite; my left
hemisphere is smaller and my right one
slides over to the left,
smuching all the numbers
and i tilt.
oh Gravity, are you trying to drag
my head in to the ground?
Hey Jellie, tell me all your secrets,
tell me how you glow so.
tell me why i can't catch the balloons
over my head and why my hands
are so
q u i e t
these days
it's not making sense
if i didn't
:iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 0 0
eat your heart out :iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 1 6 viktor says that i'm not allowed :iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 3 2
misplaced in spacetime
for everyone to do what they please with
without skin, i will die. without skin, i can not breathe
the body is walking but the heart isn't responding
the creatures always spot me,
they always figure out where i am
it's probably my screaming hands that gives me away,
they're just trying to shout down my whispering walls
all this breaking of collarbones
i think that i was born in a way that just can't be fucking fixed
i can feel it all the way into my bones
when my tongue has death throes and when the breaths can't be taken
reality feels so far flung and i roll around in its dream-dust-remains
:iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 1 0
they simply baffle me :iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 1 6 oh, i love a good secret :iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 0 2 hold on to your collarbones :iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 0 2 tell me more :iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 0 0 quand tu est pres de moi :iconleftrightblackwhite:LeftRightBlackWhite 4 3

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'Sunny Watermelon' :iconcocacolagirlie:cocacolagirlie 3,930 373 Umbria :iconkatiedesousa:katiedesousa 4,845 287
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Killadelphia :iconmiss-mosh:miss-mosh 849 91
c a r n a l :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 2,280 6
when i
your tongue
is not
in your
it is not
in my
it has
by the birds.
there are
hormones or
only you
i sitting
in the
of a
you cry,
i will
with you
we will
each others'
will be
do not
need words.
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 61 57
This Is Not an Apple :iconalephunky:Alephunky 4,428 255
there are demons in your eyes, darling;
fall asleep listening to their screams, fall
asleep tracing your ribcage and wonder if maybe
your heart is a ghost, maybe your heart is haunting
someone, somewhere. fall asleep and dream of
needles prodding at your mind, pulling out the weeds
as if your mind was a garden, your mind is a
garden but once the weeds are gone, there is nothing but
dirt; dirt and worms and nightmares and screams.
dream of fingers shoved down your throat, and they have found
your heart and your heart is not a ghost, no, your heart is alive,
because the fingers are clawing your heart and it hurts like
fingernails on blackboards and you scream, and someone is listening but they're
fall asleep and forget you're dreaming.
:iconamertie:Amertie 307 238
to feel is to put
your tongue inside a blender
and see what happens.
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 95 74
Mature content
RedRoom :iconmiss-mosh:miss-mosh 1,697 109
Helium :iconazuzephre:azuzephre 5,370 293 Piece of Me :iconalephunky:Alephunky 6,134 292
a letter for the lonely
why am i writing you words with no meaning,
knotted up in a pretty little bag with no meaning,
tied with a bow with no meaning,
sealed with a kiss with no meaning,
why do you have no meaning?
i don't know,
i don't know.
the trees have pulses, it's why
their leaves have veins-
i may have gotten a d in natural science,
but i got a b-plus in biology
and i'm not stupid enough
to think that a being with veins doesn't have a heartbeat.
trees have just so many arms outstretched
for love,
a touch,
and nobody ever
hugs the elm tree with
a thousand arms and i give it,
the dying one on the corner of my street,
a hug though i hate hugs
and i only let go
when i feel its heart
the medulla oblongata
regulates the heartbeat,
isn't that funny? i think it's funny that
the brain talks to
the heart at all- i feel love,
and you feel nothing,
you use your nerves and fucking frontal cortex
to use logic and
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 89 124


i wish that i had a more graceful spine


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